CMS-1500 (02-12) Medical Billing Forms Software by FormDocs

cms1500 cms-1500 form

More Practice and Less Paperwork

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Shouldn't you spend your time doing what you do best - providing your services? We think so, and that's why we've made our CMS-1500 Claim form software so easy to use. It does everything you need without any complicated data-entry screens to learn.

More Income and Less Expense

You pay for our software only once and not every year. We also provide free Technical Support and free software updates. And you can print on red pre-printed Claim forms or on blank paper. You can also bundle your software with affordably-priced Claim forms, and we'll pay the shipping costs.

More Value and a Smarter Choice

Enjoy more practice-time, less paperwork-time, and more profitable re-imbursement with FormDocs CMS-1500, starting at only $49.95.