FormDocs CMS-1500 (02-12) Medical Billing Forms Software

Un-Compromised features and value!

Until now, you’ve been forced to compromise when it comes to in-house CMS-1500 Medical Billing software. Costly updates, incompatibilities, and long learning curves. But now, Formdocs CMS-1500 puts an end to all of that. It’s unlike anything else, bringing together features and value like never before.

cms1500 cms-1500 form

More Practice and Less Paperwork

doctor using computer

We know you run a busy practice and there are only so many hours in a week. Shouldn't you spend that time doing what you do best - providing your services? We think so, and that's why we've made our CMS-1500 Medical Billing software so easy to use. It does everything you need without any complicated data-entry screens to learn.

More Income and Less Expense

Good Claims software should help you to collect the money you've earned without forcing you to spend more money every year. That's why you can rest easy with our no-nonsense "pay-only-once and not every year" pricing. Plus, we let you install FormDocs CMS-1500 onto two computers, for both home and office. We also provide free Customer Support and free software updates.

More Value and a Smarter Choice

Join the thousands of our busy providers who enjoy more practice-time, less paperwork-time, and more profitable re-imbursement with FormDocs CMS-1500, starting at only $49.95.