Fix Common Problems

License and Installation

[+] I already purchased a FormDocs CMS-1500 license but it still says I have a free or expired trial and it's prompting me to buy it again.
[+] While trying to install, I get a message, "Invalid registration code or licensee name".
[+] I get a message that my FormDocs CMS-1500 license has been installed too many times.
[+] I want to move my FormDocs CMS-1500 software from one computer to another.
[+] I lost my FormDocs CMS-1500 license information.
[+] I lost my FormDocs CMS-1500 software.

Networked Computers

[+] I have FormDocs CMS-1500 Professional with multiple users but not everyone can open
and share the same Claim file.


[+] When I print a Claim the data is not perfectly aligned on the Claim form.


[+] I get a message "Unable to access the printer".
[+] My problem is not listed here